About Us

About Us


The studio portion of 210 York resides on the fourth floor and features an SSL Duality Console and Ocean Way Monitors personally installed by Grammy Award® winning engineer Alan Sides.

Having built and designed over 400 professional recording studios, designer Horacio Malvicino has stated that this facility is one of the top ten studios in the world.

Think Loud Studios graced the cover of MIX Magazine’s June 2014 issue and was showcased in the feature article titled “Class of 2014: A Collection of This Year’s Hottest New Studios.”

“As a lifelong musician, producer and engineer, I have to say Think Loud Studios is the ultimate reward for all those years of hard work and dedication,” says Chad Taylor, founder and co-owner of Think Loud Studios.

Taylor is best known as one of the founding members of the multiplatinum rock band LIVE.

Sample Projects

Chad Taylor has played a key role in the production of the following projects. His contributions to each one have been noted below.
Candlebox  - Mix Engineer

“Candlebox - Supernova”

Johnny Cleg  - Mix Engineer

“Johnny Cleg - Witness”

Kenny Barron - Producer

Port Ellis  - Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer and Producer

Royal Bliss  - Mix Engineer

The Hundred  - Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer and Producer

Everclear  - Recorded at TLS

“Everclear - The Man Who Broke His Own Heart”

Zoe LaBelle  - Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Producer and arrangement

LIVE  - Throwing Copper - Co-writer, arrangement and guitar

LIVE  - at the Roxy - Mix Engineer and Producer

LIVE  - Secret Samadhi - Co-producer, co-writer and guitar

“LIVE - Lakini's Juice”

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