Now Open for Commercial Work … Think Loud Studios

Now Open for Commercial Work … Think Loud Studios


Score it. Perform it. Market it … LOUD!

What do jingles, sonic marks, soundtracks, and voice-overs have to do with growing your business? Plenty!

Let Think Loud Studios introduce you to infinite possibilities to leverage the power of compelling media content that helps drive new revenues and increase customer loyalty and value. We’re now open for commercial work, and you now have access to some of the top recording professionals in the world.

Custom Jingles

McDonald’s has used its familiar “I’m lovin’ it” slogan for close to 20 years. It’s been performed in hip-hop, country, and pop musical styles. The McDonald’s jingle has remained at the core of its media content because jingles are catchy. You know what it’s like when you can’t get one of them out of your head.

So why wouldn’t you want a jingle that will have new customers literally singing your company’s song? The Think Loud Studios team can help you write and record a contemporary, custom jingle all to your own. Our professionals have written dozens of hit songs, and we’re ready to write an unforgettable jingle for you.

Custom Sonic Marks

“Ding, dong, ding.” That well-recorded xylophone with its simple triad of notes ringing out? You know without thinking that you’re about to view programming by the National Broadcasting Corporation — better known as NBC. That signature sonic mark takes its cues from the company’s heritage as radio broadcasters.

But sonic marks don’t just exist for broadcasters alone. They play a role in our everyday lives, too. Start up an Apple computer—what do you hear? What about that distinct melody from a Samsung television? Sonic marks are that subtle but constant reminder that your brand’s high-quality standards are an integral part of your customers’ lives.

The Think Loud Studios professionals are your go-to team when you need to create and record custom sonic marks—and they’re so versatile once you have them. Embed them into your social media networks; package them in your software and media content. Send that subtle yet ever-present reminder to your clients that your enterprise stands by them at each stage of your relationship with them.

Music Scoring and Soundtracks

Admit it. You’ve probably turned down the volume on your computer, mobile phone, or television just so you can watch the video on your screen. Even the best photography or compelling storyline can be greatly enhanced with a dynamic and strategic music score and soundtrack.

Madison Avenue advertising agencies spend millions of dollars annually designing the sonic foundations for their clients’ campaigns. With Think Loud Studios, you have access to the Madison Avenue–level talent here in York, Pennsylvania. Our trained audio engineering and songwriting professionals have the capabilities to bring the soundtrack of your enterprise to life. When your media stands out with a monumental score, you instantly build the key emotions in your customers that can drive them to doing business with you.


What’s the number-one essential component of a successful advertising and social media campaign?

If you said a compelling pitch, you’re spot on. Think about it: how many times have you liked and shared content because the message made you laugh or cry? Those carefully designed stories can be told with professional voice-overs—the voice of an unseen narrator speaking over visuals—and scrolling text.

Think Loud Studios is pleased to partner with the marketing professionals of our sister company YRK Creative who can design, photograph, record, and execute your company’s ideal marketing campaign. Got existing content that needs some enhancement? Let’s make it happen.

Think Loud Studios serves individuals and businesses across a diverse array of industries. With highly competitive rates, our team can prepare a customized quote specific to your needs. To learn more, contact Lindsey Horst at Go ahead: dare to THINK LOUD.

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